The “I Can Swim” program offers classes for any adult or child that may require extra attention due to special needs of any capacity. Physical Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities or Behavioural Problems, our Specially Trained Educators are in place to handle any situation. The point of difference with our I Can Swim program is that all students are subjected to “inclusive learning”. This means special needs and mainstream lessons are conducted alongside each other at any one point.

Most classes are one-on-one unless we feel that certain children would benefit from having a “buddy” to learn alongside. All of our Special Needs student’s fees are subsidised and are at a reduced fee that is granted upon application. Our inclusive teaching style exposes our I Can Swim swimmers to both swimming skills, as well asskills about being safe during water activities and drowning prevention. Our programs are delivered within an envelope of support, understanding and never ending patience.

Further information about our I Can Swim program, please call the facility and speak with our Swim School staff on 6568 1445