The First Splashes learn to swim pathway is designed to teach all persons, young and old, all the necessary skills to enjoy the benefits of water. Our aim is Teach the art of swimming as a lifelong skill.

Paired with experienced AUSTSWIM &/or Swim Australia qualified instructors, and a Coordinator, Nicole, with an extensive background in swimming education, the First Splashes pathway has a strong emphasis on correct, and ability appropriate swimming technique from the beginning of a student’s water education.

Maintaining, reinforcing and strengthening correct technique and body positioning throughout the various levels of progression results in graduates of First Splashes having a sound and well-rounded knowledge of the art of swimming.

Our Teachers

All teachers of swimming must hold the appropriate qualifications to teach swimming and water safety, and be satisfactorily screened to work with children (according to NSW Government Child Protection Legislation).

Prior to be given the responsibility to conduct a learn to swim lesson on their own, all teachers are assessed by the First Splashes Coordinator and must show competency in the following attributes (as a minimum);

  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of the skills within each level they are instructing
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of safe teaching practices
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of age based communication strategies
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of class control and progress